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A Road map for your Enterprise needs

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A Road map for your Enterprise needs

The Application that suits your specific needs and which isn't available on the market

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AZ Customized ERP is an enterprise management package for small and medium segment business. It includes essential off-the-shelf functionality and is designed from the ground up to adapt to your particular needs.

Existing ERP solutions will not do everything you need, the way you need it, out of the box. Customization can be complicated, costly and sometimes impossible. Typical enterprise management packages also require you to change your processes to match their “best practices”. Such generic approaches often miss both simplifications and extra depth specific to your way of doing business. AZ Customized ERP is designed to fit in with the way you work and does not impose a methodology.

One of the highest hidden costs of deploying enterprise management software is data entry. By using software that is tailored to your specific needs you can make sure that the right person enters the correct data at the best possible time and that any data-entry automation opportunities, such as complex default values, are taken full advantage of.

AZ Customized ERP will match your culture and business logic through the organization of the user interface, the information displayed and the vocabulary used. AZ Customized ERP adapts the user interface to the user’s job description with only pertinent elements begin enabled.

Your internal IT team can easily be trained to configure and extend our ERP. As AZCERP uses industry standard technology, properly trained consultants are plentiful for any special developments.

Things to consider before buying a ERP solution!

1) Have you installed any other ERP in your company in the past?
2) If yes, what are all the problems you have faced with that?
3) How many departments are there? In which what are the departments to be included in ERP?
4) Among all the departments, which department is the core in your organization?
5) Did you systemize the Accounting & Finance? if yes do you want it in ERP?
6) Why you need ERP? Brief the identified problems which lead you to implement the ERP?
7) Solution can be web based and can be accessed anywhere or it can be implemented in your campus itself? Which one will be suitable for you?
8) Do you have In-house IT team?
9) Tell about your Organization structure?
10) Apart from at we give as reports, what are all the specific reports you want?
You might think that your needs are fairly close to everyone else’s, and you don’t really need customized ERP software. However, Generic approaches miss both simplifications and extra depth specific to your way of doing business. Customization puts you and your staff at the heart of the system.

Large companies have long understood the benefits of customizing their software and spend millions to achieve this goal. What's new with AZ Customized ERP is that this level of service is made affordable for small and medium size companies.

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