One of the leading conglomerate in india L&T using our Audit & Inspection app. Which is used all over the world in daily quality measurements, annual audits and safety inspections.

Our App helps you improve and make sure that your inspections are organised . It makes it easier to create site audits and inspections report in the quickest possible manner. AlphasoftZ  ensures Whether you are doing a site inspection, noting down snagging issues or creating a punch list, you can assemble and share your observations with all the stakeholders. This means more transparency in the project and less scope for errors.

HSE Audit & Inspection
Multiple Users

Multiple users

Multiple user logins with different authorization to access features



Analytical backend view and ease of access to get customized reports.

All Under One Roof

All under one roof

Multiple processes such as site audit, incident reporting, work progress monitoring and etc…

Live Reporting

Live Reporting

Get an instant report of every progress of work on the site.

Scoring System

Scoring system

Scoring system to measure the performance of the work.



Communication portal between employees and reporting authority.

HSE Audit & Inspection2

What we develop to meet the audit & Inspection requirement

✓ Report site auditing, snagging, punch list and inspection list for site works.
✓ Simple auditing, Record issues, take photos and share reports quickly and easily
✓ Organise site auditing, snagging, punch lists, a checklist for site works.
✓ Snag List makes inspecting, auditing and reporting any site quick and easy.
✓ Site Works makes managing your site inspections easy.
✓ Conduct inspections faster and never write a report.
✓ An audit checklist tool for conducting any kind of site audit
✓ Helps you in assessing the quality of your product or services
✓ An app for streamlining industrial, manufacturing & construction audit operations
✓ Perform Site inspection with photo and image annotations and Markup tool.
✓ Audit, Inspect, Assess & Check with the Report Generator App

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