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CloudERP is a Enterprise resource management product which helps the small and midsized companies to automate, manage the process flow in a streamed manner.

A Road map for your Enterprise needs.

The Application that suits your specific needs and which isn't available on the market.
Cloud based solutions to make your business data available anytime, anywhere!!




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Completely Cloud

Complete Cloud Architecture, to reduce the implementation cost and robust support.

Unlimited users

Perfect for Small and mid sized companies, pay as you go annually.

One Click Payroll

Use Biometric or Smart card to track attendance. One click payroll to generate paysilps.

Dynamic Processes

Automate your manufacturing process with dynamic process management. Customize to fit for your requirement.

Export to Tally ERPTM

Finance module facilitates export to Tally feature to support your final audit.

Tax Management - GST, VAT, CST

Manage your taxes - GST, VAT & CST. Dynamic controls to manage all your taxes.


We understand that you stand in midst of tight competition and need greater efficiency and productivity to power your organization ahead of your competitors. We value your time and money invested with us and reciprocates by creating a perfect ERP Solution, which will leverage your organization in following ways:

  • Standardize global operations and achieve quality benchmarks.
  • Improve forecasting and eliminate losses to increase profitability.
  • Seamless and Simple integration of ERP applications helps organization overcome operational, management and performance challenges in cost-effective manner.
  • Add value to your organization by infusing industry-specific capabilities.
  • Replace diverse systems within organization with well lubricated, simple and uniform work flow mechanism.
  • ISO based maintenance module leverages the effective maintenance which helps the organization to reduce the maintenance costs and overheads.

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Works the way you do

Existing ERP solutions will not do everything you need, the way you need it, out of the box. Customization can be complicated, costly and sometimes impossible. Typical enterprise management packages also require you to change your processes to match their “best practices”. Such generic approaches often miss both simplifications and extra depth specific to your way of doing business. CloudERP is designed to fit in with the way you work and does not impose a methodology.

More efficient to use

One of the highest hidden costs of deploying enterprise management software is data entry. By using software that is tailored to your specific needs you can make sure that the right person enters the correct data at the best possible time and that any data-entry automation opportunities, such as complex default values, are taken full advantage of.

Reduced Training costs

CloudERP will match your culture and business logic through the organization of the user interface, the information displayed and the vocabulary used. CloudERP adapts the user interface to the user’s job description with only pertinent elements begin enabled.

No vendor dependence

Your internal IT team can easily be trained to configure and extend our ERP. As CloudERP uses industry standard technology, properly trained consultants are plentiful for any special developments.

Why Customize your ERP?

You might think that your needs are fairly close to everyone else’s, and you don’t really need customized ERP software. However, Generic approaches miss both simplifications and extra depth specific to your way of doing business. Customization puts you and your staff at the heart of the system.

Large companies have long understood the benefits of customizing their software and spend millions to achieve this goal. What's new with CloudERP is that this level of service is made affordable for small and medium size companies.

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