Rajan & Rajan Industries is a manufacturing industry based at Kanchipuram. It has the strongest brand identity in South India in the market of Hindu religious products and will remain to serve clients with a great deal of commitment. With its foundation deeply routed to this historical city of Kanchipuram and a vintage of 10 years in the market, Rajan & Rajan Industries has evolved with manufacturing Raja Melathalam an exceedingly traditional touch to serve clients across the globe. Rajan & Rajan Industries also has a network with over 100 dealers all over India.

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The production process for them needs to be kept at a pace with consumer demand. for that, they needed some dedicated mobile application to manage internal working infrastructure. We came up with solution to fulfil their needs. RSS order app reduces the barrier in work flow and improves effective results at the end. which runs based on order management.  To know more, Reach us for consultation

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