It shapes the way of day to day activities of the clinic, which is a handy tool to fix the appointment with a token generated digitally for non-compromised services. Designed with modern encryption procedures to ensure personal and financial information are safe.
Our app would give the real-time live status of the queue and notify patients about their appointment status so that they won’t have to wait for their turn.

Cliniq management app


Remote Access

Remote access

Multiple User Login

Multiple user login

SMS Notifications

SMS notifications

Live Report

Live Report

Assign Control Of Access To Different User

Assign control of access to different user

Encrypted Data Transmission For Information Security

Encrypted data transmission for information security

How It Works


Digital platform ensures on time process. Last minute rush or Delayed appointment makes patients suffer. we buit smart cliniq app to overcome that. This creates strong connection between doctors and patients.

  • Book & manage appointments
  • Avoid patients waiting in queue 
  • Schedule appointments as per available slot
  • Manage day to day activity
  • Get reminder notification of appointments
  • Maintain fees structure for every appointment
  • View history of financial statement 

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