Cloud Zoot TV

Zoot Cloud TV is a new generation form factor which combines television and the Internet. with  the rise of smart product development that help brands to connect with millions of viewers.

Our systematic approach makes the error-free process and Digital solution for marketing enables different dimensions. Analytical view lead to continuous growth and helps to stand out of competitors.

Content owners, broadcasters, technology and Multiple companies are investing a lot of effort in developing applications for Smart TV and other new media platforms.


Online Streaming

Online streaming

Schedule Screening Time

Schedule screening time

Remote Access To Control From Anywhere

Remote access to control from anywhere

Select Where,when And What To Display
Select where,when and what to display
Choose Content For Various Place At Same Time
Choose content for various place at same time
Control Multiple Screens By Single Cloud Access

Control multiple screens by single cloud access

Change Whenever Alternative Things Needed To Show

Change whenever alternative things needed to show

Specific Demographics Of The Target Audience.
Specific demographics of the target audience.

How It works

Cloudzoot provides customized smart TV app development solutions to business needs. We have been working with leading companies and brands to helping them develop smart TV apps and multi-screen solutions. Ensure that your unique brand and style are properly embedded throughout the entire design. Display your business or service

    • Encourage engagement with your brand
    • Customer experience – engagement and information
    • Share consistent marketing messages
    • Reach external and internal audiences
    • Convey information in real-time